HPL2 is a small/medium enterprise (SME) Safety, Culture, Human Performance and Leader change consultancy/practitioner organisation (collaborating with up to 8 associate organisations) operating globally, mainly at senior/executive level within large client organisations and with training delivery in staff and first line management focussed mainly in the heavily regulated and technically complex industries of nuclear power build/generation/decommissioning.

HPL2 is one of a very small group of consultancies providing specialist knowledge/practitioner capability enabling clients to:
• reduce the frequency and likelihood of human error in their entire operation;
• design/develop/monitor organisational safety culture in client organisations;
• define/produce the process and development enablers for leaders to lead and get the best from their teams; and
• be role models and coaches to their customers (and their supply chain), delivering exceptional behavioural and business standards.

Mike Shannon MBE

Retiring and Mike Shannon.  Not a phrase you would normally put together but it is true. Mike Shannon, previously Managing Director of Human Performance and Leadership Ltd has retired (as of March 2017) to relax with his wife and family in Kent.
Mike’s chores now revolve around the garden and grandchildren rather than business development, training and coaching!
We will sorely miss Mike’s humour and key phrase ‘get a grip!’ as well as his knowledge of the nuclear sector both at home and abroad.

On behalf of his colleagues and friends in the business, we’d like to say ‘Thank you for your constant support and guidance over the last eleven years. Enjoy your retirement!

Jacqui Walker-Sutton

  • From a military family so moved around a lot – Leicestershire is home (for now)
  • Always planning the next big holiday or next activity for the family – an excellent organiser
  • Diligent, generous, and patient (to a point)
  • Proud, passionate, energetic and enthusiastic about our work
  • Lives and loves a very busy life with family and work commitments
  • Likes: To be challenged, to coach or mentor people, to drive fast
  • Doesn’t like: People who don’t (or won’t) do what they say they are going to do