Executive and Senior Managers are the leading advocates of safety and will demonstrate their commitment in both word and action. Managers and leaders need to take steps to reinforce safety, including pre and post task/job reviews and reinforcement observations.

Reinforce desired individual behaviours at every opportunity, especially actions related to safety. Rewards and discipline are linked to specific behaviours. Positive reactions on desired behaviours clearly communicate the priorities of the leader and the values of the organisation..

Monitor and coach workers through first hand observation, active listening and questioning. Leaders know their people and understand their strengths and weaknesses, especially as they relate to assigned tasks. They interact with the workforce in the work area, reinforcing expected behaviours and resolving upcoming human performance problems.

We are able to provide coaching at all levels of the organisation.

Having started as a sceptic I am now a convert. It is a good mechanism for getting me into the work areas and experiencing what my staff have to put up with. The few observations that I have so far carried out have shown me that we have grounds for improvement; I have been impressed with the attitude and acceptance of the staff involved and their willingness to share their concerns and problems.

QinetiQ Engineering Manager

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