Communications is so often given lip service and a low budget! Nearly every organisation will tell us that they already communicate with their staff or other parts of the company regularly. Very rarely is that communication effective.

Why? Some organisations don’t simply have the expertise available or concentrate on corporate communications rather then at a local level translating the message so it means something to the audience. Others seldom take the time to consider what to communicate, who to, how and what effect do they want to achieve

Effectively communicating goals and objectives, what it means to individuals at all levels, clearly laying out expectations and purpose, and putting the right thing in the right way to the right people is very important if a company wants to achieve its goals. Our experience is predominantly around the communications involved in a major change programme, but we have used that experience to support smaller projects and we’ve put together some great celebration/exhibition days too.

What can we do?

  • Supports the company in positioning in the right language
  • Can give the external benchmarking and best practice
  • Communications Strategy
  • Stakeholder plan and map
  • Communications Tactics
  • Engagement Exercises
  • Measurement and Evaluation

How you measure it?

Metrics are important to an organisation no matter how large or small you are. Knowing that changes you’ve implemented are having the expected effect will help you to understand how your organisation ‘manages’ change. Are the changes just perceived at a senior level, or do they mean something to the operators? How do you want to publish your metrics?

We believe that metrics need to be meaningful not just have ‘thud factor’.

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