Human Performance events are predictable and therefore preventable.

A programme that allows you feed in conditions adverse to safety, quality, and productivity which then can be tracked, trended and resolved. Also used to identify reoccurring problems allowing you to investigate and develop mitigating actions without getting bogged down in personality issues.

Finding and understanding the root cause of actual and potential errors, conditions adverse to safety, quality and sustainability is a key supportive activity to this process. By encouraging everyone to self identify when honest mistakes were made, and how they got to the point of making the mistake, the organisation will learn how to improve.

A mature organization will also use the programme to congratulate good practices for sharing across the rest of the organization. Lowering the tolerance for error will help to drive the people and the organisation to greater efficiency and greater understanding of what gets in the way of doing a good job every day.

This is one the key ingredients for the triangle of success.


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