Determining where your organisation is against national or international standards is a common requirement. Understanding where you are and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors is becoming more important.

Working within recognised standards such as IAEA, WANO, ISO, ASME and other standards, HP&L conduct a variety of maturity evaluations and present the findings to you. We also show you how to identify and arrange areas of your business in which to conduct self-assessments, small focussed areas against industry and your organisation standards.

These types of evaluations become part of your internal learning and benchmarking process. Mature organisations define areas to review against clear criteria (industry best or documented standard) on a planned basis with well trained people leading the assessment process.

Feedback is concise, accurate and offers solutions.

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A learning organisation will recognise the opportunity to improve in one or all of the following areas:

  • More robust business planning
  • Smoother operations – happier customers
  • Consistent flawless output (whatever your business is)
  • A structure and framework applied to communications process
  • Support and coaching how to get the message of concisely and consistently
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