A Way Forward

The nuclear professional is thoroughly imbued with a great respect and sense of responsibility for the containment safety of the reactor core, fuel, associated plan and support mechanisms—and all their decisions and actions take this unique and grave responsibility into account.

A comprehensive programme of behavioural change that incorporates the determination of required level of individual and organisational competency in nuclear professionalism against the world best industry standards is essential. Everyone who has a hand in defining, designing, developing, manufacturing, installing or maintaining any part of a nuclear power plant should be confident in their ability to behave as a ‘nuclear professional’.

The Nuclear Professionalism Process

Programme Management

Against a glossary of operating standards and expectations, define key human performance and nuclear professionalism standards.

Conduct a determination of the gap by evaluation of current contractor and staff capability in nuclear safety against world best industry standard. Safety culture evaluation based on IAEA INSAG – 4, INPO TecDoc 1329 and other world-recognised industry standards.

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