Ensuring that lessons learned are documented and any key details are made available so that this valuable information can be retrieved at a future date is imperative to developing a learning and standardised organisation.

A repository of information is kept and stored and used when undertaking tasks and used to prevent events. The data is accessed whenever you plan to repeat the operation, particularly valuable if your team is experienced and done the same exercise before.

One of the Human Performance tools is to have a pre and post job briefing, and information from the Operating Experience database would be a direct reference for existing and new data about the job about to be undertaken. A mature organisation would recognise similar incidents from other industry sources of operating experience and publish internally. Similarly, it would share its’ experiences with other industry databases.

We strongly believe that this combination of Human Performance tools and techniques, reinforcement of standards, a Corrective Action process and accessibility and use of Operating Experience is one that can start the improvement progress in any organisation.

HPL can ensure that you are able to set up and use this information to reduce the likelihood of make the same errors as others.

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