Training Provision

Reducing human error and improving business and safety culture is not just about training.

Training is simply an enabler to success. It is a communication tool to help you illustrate your expectations of the care and caution that as a leader you consistently demonstrate and that you want your staff and peers to use during the execution of any kind of work they undertake on behalf of your organisation. You know that training on its own does not mean that people will always do the right things. The organisation using its leadership must create the environment in which people can only do the right thing, in the right way, first time, every time. And that usually means creating the mechanisms and infrastructure that support trained people.

The way your teams behave are a reflection of what is important to you and your organisation.

Having completed Tools for Teams training with my direct colleagues I can confidently say that the behaviours we are now seeing and promoting are in line with those expected of an aerospace company. HPL training and the ongoing observations have brought with them a common language that you now hear being spoken through the department. Generally I have enjoyed being part of this development.

System Engineer

Our training provision relates to the whole organisation providing workshops and training to managers, leaders and the workforce whether in design, engineering, projects, planning or technicians and support staff.

Training Interventions

Foundation in human performance and error reduction tools and techniques

All your staff should have this training to understand what your standards and expectations are of behaviours to keep the organisation in business

Tools and techniques for hands on operational staff and knowledge workers

Specific tools and techniques are applicable to different groups of staff. These courses offer practical applications and opportunities to practice getting it right.

Leadership observation and coaching

There is nothing better for improving the organizational performance than having the standards and expectations reinforced by the leadership as a matter of practice. Our experience tells us that in organizations where managers/leaders/influencers spend time with their staff reinforcing good behaviours and practices and coaching for improvements the more robust and resilient the safety culture.

Developing the infrastructure for a robust work environment

Training on its own will not achieve the necessary resilient of a robust safety culture. The organisation needs to have some simple infrastructure to identify and manage some of the weak barriers defending it. We can help you improve those barriers to protect your organization.

Developing and applying meaningful data from the observation and coaching

With some key infrastructure elements in place, we can show you what the data means, train you in what to look for and how you can improve your organizational management of the analysed data.

Developing master coaches

The data and infrastructure needs to be managed routinely and the development of master coaches who understand what the data means, how it relates to your business goals and business continuity, who can conduct coaching at executive level are an essential part of the infrastructure.

Developing self assessment capability

Knowing where you are against industry standards and identifying what level of safety culture and organizational effectiveness maturity you need to be successful is crucial. Know what the key elements are for conducting a self assessment and how to make them happen in a consistent and pragmatic way.

Safety culture strategy and application workshops

What is safety culture? What does it mean to you? How do you show you have one? Who needs to know you’ve got one?

We also offer specific training on request. If you want to know more about our custom courses please complete our request for information form shown on out contact page.

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